To earn Utar fast in Sands of Salazar, players have a host of options. But if you want to make Utar as quickly as possible, you will need to use the trading system. 

Players can make huge profits via trading far more significant when compared to other money or Utar making methods. That said, to start trading in Sands of Salazar, head to a nearby town and look for a merchant. 

You can find the merchant usually in the building labeled with the town’s name in the center of the town. When you find such a building, click on it, view the list of NPCs, and then find the merchant and click on them. 

Under the merchant’s tab, you will see a list of items available for purchase. Locate one that the merchant has a lot in stock, and purchase it yourself.

Ideally, you will want to search for an item with a reasonable price, as it’s essential to make a considerable profit in the game. So keep the price in mind when looking for things to buy and resell. 

How to trade in Sands of Salzaar

To help choose an item to buy and resell, you can look for specialty items. Specialty items are items unique to an area or location in the game. These specialty items are also only produced in certain towns or locations.  

Because of this, buying these items is highly recommended as they usually have the lowest price. You can make a massive profit by taking these specialty items and selling them to a town in a different region.

Moving far away from the town you bought the item will also affect the resale price. The farther you are from the city where you purchased items, the less likely other towns will have a lot of that specific item in stock. 

If the town has a low stock of your item, the resale price is often higher than the original purchase price. So if you want to earn Utar fast in Sands of Salzaar,  it’s best to target these towns and check the price of the item you wish to resell. 

After you sell your items, move on, buy more specialty items, and repeat the same process. By following the laws of supply and demand, you will make the most Utar as fast as possible in Sands of Salzaar. 

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