Horizon Forbidden West has many trophies for players to unlock. One of these trophies, the Long Glide, is a Bronze trophy that will require players to glide in the air for 60 seconds uninterrupted. To accomplish this, players will need to find a jumping-off point that is high up enough to maintain a glide for 60 seconds.

One place where this is possible is atop the mountain above The Base. The mountain is pretty high, so it is recommended that players try this when they have access to a flying mount, but it is possible to do without one if they want to head straight for this achievement.

How to unlock the Shieldwing Glider in Horizon Forbidden West?

Players will unlock the Shieldwing Glider after completing the game’s fourth main story quest. It will be unlocked automatically, so players will not need to go out of their way to get this item.

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With Horizon Forbidden West’ssprawling map, traversal is an important factor to gameplay. The Shieldwing Glider is a helpful tool for players who need to get from point A to point B and can even be used to complete some of the game’s Tallnecks and Cauldrons.

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