Stubs are used to purchase packs, players, and items from the marketplace in MLB: The Show 22. While you can purchase stubs with real money, it is possible to earn them without spending anything. To earn Stubs quickly in MLB: The Show 22, complete programs in Diamond Dynasty, sell cards in the marketplace and play game modes that reward Stubs.

Diamond Dynasty Programs

Stubs can be earned in every game mode of MLB: The Show 22, but Diamond Dynasty features rewards for challenges, events, and programs that include Stubs. One of the best programs to earn Stubs quickly is the Starter Program. When first starting your Diamond Dynasty, you can complete the Starter Program easily to earn some much-needed Stubs.

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To view Diamond Dynasty programs, go to the Diamond Dynasty tab from the main menu, and select Programs. Some of these Programs have challenges that can be selected that will take you straight into a game.

The Marketplace

Each card or item unlocked through rewards or packs can be sold in the Marketplace for Stubs. When opening packs, you can quickly sell a card for its original value or find a buyer on the marketplace for the market value. The great thing about finding a buyer is that when you select this option, a buyer who has already bid on that amount will be instantly found and sold. Otherwise, you will not sell the card.

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Before selling cards, it is a good idea to go to your Collections to see if you can use cards to complete a collection to earn more rewards. The marketplace is also a good place to quickly buy cards to complete Collections if the reward seems worth it.

Game Modes

All game modes in The Show 22 can reward Stubs, but some of them can reward more Stubs and can be done much more quickly. Diamond Dynasty modes tend to reward more Stubs, especially when completing challenges or Programs. The Conquest mode and regular CPU or online games can reward many Stubs and can be easier to play than some of the challenges.

As you progress through Diamond Dynasty, your team will get much better, and your competition will get more intense. Game modes like Conquest and Mini-Seasons feature opponents with very powerful teams, so keep an eye out for how good your players are and search for good matchups.

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