To earn skill points in The Witcher Monster Slayer, you will need to level up or slay three monsters of the same type, such as three drowners.

Doing so will earn you one skill point upon the death of the third monster, while leveling up in the game will net you several more. Because of this, you will want to focus on leveling up rather than farming three monsters of the same kind.

That said, if you want to level up in The Witcher Monster Slayer, you will need to farm monsters on mass rather than focusing on a certain type. Leveling up will also be easier if you are in a town located in real life as similar to the Witcher world, monsters tend to hang around villages and cities.

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Because of this, you can find monster spawns nearly on every street in towns and cities in real life. We highly recommend using these locations as farming zones due to the high amounts of monsters.

You can also earn more XP to get more skill points faster by performing perfect parries and using the Kaer Morhen Steel Sword. Along with this, killing monsters quickly will also reward you with a decent bit of bonus XP. Completing contracts and quests is also another good way to level up in the game.

However one of the best ways to level up is to unlock nemetons. You will need to level all the way to level ten to unlock them, but doing so can earn you a ton of XP.

The reason why is that nemetons are basically monster spawns, and if you find one and use monster bait you can fight several monsters in a row. The result can be a ton of XP along side some coins that can be spent in the store.

That said, do all of this and farm monsters, and you will earn enough XP to level up and earn skill points in The Witcher Monster Slayer. These skill points can be used to unlock more abilities and improve your ability to fight monsters in the game.

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