The fast-paced rocket-powered vehicular golf game Turbo Golf Racing offers players an exhilarating experience. You can earn experience and level up as you play, but you can also earn in-game currency. This includes RC, the trophy-looking currency. This may leave you wondering how to get RC in Turbo Golf Racing.

How to get trophies in Turbo Golf Racing

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To earn RC, or trophies, in Turbo Golf Racing, you must either place first in a game or earn through the season rewards. This is the only method to get this in-game currency. Certain items in the shop can only be purchased through RC, so you will need to perform well in Turbo Golf Racing if you want them.

Earning trophies will take some time as you need some time and skill, so we recommend practicing. Fortunately, RC is only used to purchase cosmetic items, and you can still use XC for other items, so it isn’t too bad not having this currency.

You should also pay attention to your season rewards and make sure you are hitting that level to earn RC. While winning a match will only reward you with a single trophy, some season rewards can give you multiple trophies.

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