Looking to earn a little substance from dear Mother on Deimos? Well, allow us to point you in the right direction. Here’s how to earn Mother Tokens, the key to Mother’s heart, in Warframe.

Obtaining Mother Tokens

There are two main methods of earning Mother Tokens:

  • Necralisk Field Bounties
  • Trading with Grandmother

Necralisk Field Bounties

The most simplistic route would be to go to Mother at the Necralisk and complete her field bounty missions. Pay attention to the bonus objective these missions provide, as completing them will grant you bonus Mother Tokens. We recommend playing Tier 5 bounties if you want to grind these things out because they provide more rewards.

Note: You must complete the Heart of Deimos before Mother will allow you to take her bounties.

Trading with Grandmother

You can also trade various resources with Grandmother in exchange for Mother Tokens. This is not cost-effective, however, as you are losing valuable resources from the Cambion Drift. The trade offerings can often be terrible deals for you, so be sure you’re not using your rare materials for this exchange.

Mother Token Uses

Mother Tokens are very important because you can trade them for many useful reasons. First and foremost, if you need extra Entrati Family reputation, you can directly exchange them to Grandmother for 100 Entrati Standing. You can also trade them to Grandmother for Grandmother Tokens, which are used to buy cosmetic decorations.
You can exchange mother Tokens during the Nights of Naberus Halloween-based event every year. This event is time-limited, usually between October and November, so keep an eye on it if you’re interested in its unique wares.

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