Guld is the currency of the land in The DioField Chronicle, and you will need a lot of it. This is used to purchase weapons, accessories, items, and more. Those looking to upgrade their Magilumic Orbs will especially need a lot of guld to purchase Jade Crystals. This may leave you wondering the best way to earn guld quickly in The DioField Chronicle.

How to get guld fast in The DioField Chronicle

The best way to quickly get guld in The DioField Chronicle is to replay missions and engage in practice battles. This feature is unlocked after completing the Coswell Volcano Expedition mission in Chapter 1. Once you do this, you can initiate practice battles and replay missions at Elm Camp.

Each mission will reward you with guld, and the harder the mission, the more guld you will earn. We recommend finding a mission that your build and formation can quickly overcome and then continue to replay this mission. Make sure to turn on auto-attack and increase the game speed to the max to blaze through these practice battles.

Replaying early missions is the fastest method, but these do not necessarily reward as much guld as later missions. Still, later missions can be more difficult and time-consuming, so we recommend targeting missions near the beginning of the story to quickly earn guld.

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