For players to level up and evolve their Pokémon and achieve the ultimate Pokémon Unite experience, they will want to earn as much Aeos Energy as they can.

At the beginning of every Unite battle, all contending Pokémon are converted back to rank one. During these battles, players will earn Aeos Energy and gain Exp. Points by defeating opponents and Wild Pokémon. This allows players to level up and evolve their Pokémon!

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Collect and help teammates secure as many Aeos Energy Points as possible. Players will see Aeos Energy in the form of yellow balls around the battle arenas and displayed on their maps, which indicates the locations of Wild Pokémon for players to defeat and collect their Aeos Energy. Opposing Pokémon in the battle arenas will have the number of gathered Aeos Energy next to their health bars and players can target these Pokémon to defeat and collect all the Aeos Energy they’ve gathered.

Players will want to deposit these Aeos Energy Points into the Goal Zones during each battle to score points for their team. Each Goal Zone has its own limit to how much Energy it can hold. When the Goal Zone has reached its limit, it will disappear. Be sure not to hold onto too many Aeos Energy Points during battles to avoid being targeted by enemies. Deposit those bad boys into the Goal Zones to win the game!

Pokémon Unite has three in-game currencies for players to spend and Aeos Coins is the easiest to earn in the game. Take a look at our quick guide on How to Farm Aeos Coins in Pokémon Unite.

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