When you eventually acquire your weapon of use in Foreclosed, you can start gaining experience points to gain skills and passive weapon skills.

Experience is earned by killing all enemies in an encounter, completing objectives, and finding green devices. If the fight isn’t over, you will not gain any EXP until it has. You can tell when combat has come to an end because you have a few frames of slow-motion along with a deep sound effect. It’s hard to miss it.

You can also gain more experience by hunting down green machinery in the walls as you progress through the game. When a green device is nearby, a sonar will appear on your Heads up Display. The sonar has three lines on either side and turns green the closer you get. When all three are filled, you are right beside it the device. Look about the place, up and below, then when you see it hold down A or E, and you’ll get a chunk worth of experience!

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All experience fills a bar that you cannot see until you earn it. Once the bar is filled, you’ll earn one experience point—these can be spent in the Implants Menu by pressing Back on the controller or I on keyboard. You can either spend it on your own implants and unlock skills that can be used in combat. Or on your weapon for passive buffs that make it stronger. Skills upgrade cost either one or two experience points.

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