Sea of Thieves is the ultimate pirate simulator, giving you the freedom to sail the seas and do all the things pirates do. This includes hunting buried treasure, fighting skeletal pirates, eating bananas, and so much more. You’ll find yourself having to carry many things back to your ship, which may leave you wondering how to drop things in Sea of Thieves.

How to drop items in Sea of Thieves on Xbox

To drop things in Sea of Thieves with a controller, you must press the interact button while holding something. On a controller, this is the B button. Find where you want to place your treasure chest, skull, or anything else, and press the B button. Your pirate will place the item down in that location, and it will remain there until you or someone else picks it up.

How to drop items in Sea of Thieves on PC

The same is true for PC players, except with a different input, of course. Find your drop-off location and press the interact button. This defaults to the X key on PC. Both controller and mouse and keyboard allow you to remap this input, if you so desire.

You will want to remember where you place stuff, especially any treasure that you find while sailing. Dropping items in secure locations ensures that your loot stays on board your ship and allows you to hide things on islands if another crew tries to steal your treasure. After all, you don’t want your hands full of something that isn’t a weapon when you’re in battle.

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