Sometimes finding items, equipping them, and then needing to drop them in Roblox can be overly confusing. Maybe you accidentally picked up the wrong item in an experience and need to discard it, or your hotbar is full so you need to leave a few things behind. In this quick guide we’ll explain the basic control for dropping any item—don’t worry, sometimes it slips our mind too!

Dropping items

If you’re ever looking to drop an item in an experience simply equip it from your hotbar so that your character is holding it, and then press the backspace or delete key. Pressing either of these buttons, depending on your computer or laptop brand, should cause your avatar to immediately drop whatever item they’re holding. The only exception to this rule is hats, as they require the = button to be pressed in order for them to be dropped.

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Now that you’ve been refreshed on how to drop items, don’t be surprised if the next time you’re wandering around an experience you stumble across a few random items lying around on the ground. These are more than likely discarded or trashed items from other players in the server. If only there was an item garbage can in every Roblox experience—littering isn’t a good look, even virtually!

Also keep in mind that finding an item that was dropped by another player doesn’t always mean that it can be picked up. In certain experiences you’re allowed to benefit from discarded items—one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! However, in others, such as Wacky Wizards, there’s no way to pick up abandoned items in an attempt from the developers to keep things fair.

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