Night City is a sprawling open world that can’t possibly be seen in full by travelling on foot. That’s where vehicles come in, and CD Projekt Red allowing players to call their vehicles at any time was a nice feature to include. Did you know you can switch camera perspectives?

Driving in Third Person

To drive third person in Cyberpunk 2077 all you have to do is press Q to change cameras. For controllers, press Right on the D-Pad. You must be driving in a car to change camera perspectives. After you’ve changed the setting once, it should default to third-person POV every time you enter a car, unless you choose to change it back in the future.

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The camera POV while driving in Cyberpunk 2077 is first-person by default, just like how the rest of the game plays. But for many players it might feel too claustrophic to drive around Night City in the first-person, because it limits your perspective to what’s in front of the windshield. All outside angles are pretty limited.

With open world games like Grand Theft Auto, driving in the third-person gives you a larger view of the world and your surroundings. At the end of the day, though, it’s best to try out each camera POV for yourself; everyone’s preference is different with these mechanics, but it’s great that CD Projekt Red gave players plenty of options.

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