Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an asymmetrical survival game where Dragon Ball Z villains chase civilians attempting to flee from the destruction. The civilian characters cannot stand up to the villains but have a few ways to fight back including Dragon Changing.

Dragon Changing hones power from a Z-Fighter like Goku or Vegeta and grants you their power for a very limited time. Characters can Dragon Change after finding Power Cubes around the map. Once you have collected enough, your power level will rise and you can perform a Dragon Change.

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To Dragon Change, make sure you have at least one power gauge, then press RB (Xbox), R1 (PlayStation), ZR (Switch).

After Dragon Changing, the controls are pretty simple, but here are all the controls for post-Dragon Change:

  • Flight: A (Xbox), X (PlayStation), B (Switch)
  • Dodge: B (Xbox), Circle (PlayStation), A (Switch)
  • Rush Attack: X (Xbox), Square (PlayStation), Y (Switch)
  • Super Attack: Hold RB and Rush Attack (Xbox), Hold R1 and Rush Attack (PlayStation), Hold ZR and Rush Attack (Switch)

Dragon Change Abilities

Your Dragon Change abilities depend on how many power gauge levels you have in stock when you transform. Each player has three levels of Dragon Changes that can be customized before matches by going into Battle Settings.

You can acquire new abilities and Z-Fighter powers by using Spirit Siphons. These can be purchased in the main lobby and will change the Super Ability, costume, and form of your character when equipped.

Each power level can be assigned one Dragon Change, so it is important to equip one for each slot.

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