If you are having trouble downloading the brand new update called Homecoming on the Windows 10 store version of State of Decay 2, you are not alone. Countless other players have reported issues with the game installing and downloading the update for the game.

But don’t worry, there are a few ways in which you can fix any problems you may have or are experiencing with the Windows 10 version of the game, downloading the new update.

The first thing you will need to try is to sign out of your account and resign back in and attempt the download again. Sometimes this will be enough to get the store to download the update.

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However, if it still doesn’t download, try restarting your pc and then re-attempt the download once again. If it still doesn’t start the new download, you may need to uninstall the game and reinstall it. 

Personally, this was the only method that worked for us when trying to install the windows 10 version of the game that players get if they have the Xbox Game Pass. 

Xbox users are also experiencing problems getting the update to download or show up, but these issues were reportedly fixed by simply restarting their consoles. Moments later, they would see an update and would be able to install and download it.

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