Pikmin Bloom is the latest project from Niantic, the company behind AR games such as Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Harry Potter, and Catan: World Explorers. This entry will take Nintendo’s Pikmin series and bring it to mobile for the first time. Like Niantic’s other games, Pikmin Bloom uses AR and encourages players to get out into the real world.

Pikmin Bloom releases on October 27 through a soft launch in Australia and Singapore, with support coming to the rest of the world later. No official time has been given regarding when players in other regions will get their hands on the game. Once it is available, players simply need to go to the Google Play Store or IOS store, search for the app, and download it.

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In Pikmin Bloom, there is no combat or quests to complete. Instead, the player is tasked with gathering their Pikmin and leading them throughout the world. These adorable critters will help the player grow and tend to a digital garden by blooming flowers and finding more Pikmin. Players will be able to interact with each other’s gardens and help.

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Additionally, Pikmin Bloom will create a log of players’ daily life. It will keep track of the number of steps taken in a day and allow the player to create postcards and photos. It will also record the routes that they take and ultimately encourages the player to go outside.

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