Players unlock the ability to sail after clearing East Luterra in Lost Ark. This opens up the rest of the world for the player to explore. While it can be tempting to set sail and rush toward the horizon, it might be worth learning a few things. This includes how to dock your ship.

To dock your ship in Lost Ark, sail to a port and press the Z key. This will take you to the Docking menu. Here, you can view your ship, its status, and use any of the features at the port. In the bottom right of the screen, select the Dock button to leave your ship and get on land.

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Docking at new ports is also how you discover new islands and continents. Without the ability to dock, you would simply sail past various discoverable locations and miss out on exploring them. If you pass by a port you haven’t docked at yet, it might be worth it to make a stop.

Sailing can be a lot of fun in Lost Ark, especially with so many destinations to discover and explore. But don’t forget about your legs and all the fun activities on land, either!

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