Manual header options are back in FIFA 23. In previous FIFA titles, manual headers were linked with shooting, so there was no option to have assisted shooting and manual headers. In FIFA 23, you now have the option of enabling or disabling manual headers. Here is how to turn the option on and perform a manual header during a match.

To enable manual headers, go to the pause menu, select Customise Controls, then scroll down to Assisted Headers. Turning this off will enable manual headers, which need to be aimed and timed, but are more accurate and skill-based. Additionally, turning off Clearance Assistance will also enable you to aim headers for clearances as well.

How to perform a manual header in FIFA 23

To perform a header during a match, the ball must be about hip height off the ground for shots and around the chest for passes and clearances. With manual headers enabled, press the shot button while aiming the Left Stick you want the ball to go. Players who are skilled in headers will take better angles, extend more for the ball, and have more accuracy. However, you still get aiming control on all headers with manual headers enabled.

A tactic that has been used in previous FIFA titles is the downward header, which seems like it can also be performed in FIFA 23, but has slightly different controls. The new Power Shot mechanic replaces the controls for the downward header, but it can now be performed by using a Finesse Shot while heading.

To do a Finesse Shot, hold RB (Xbox), R1 (PlayStation), or ZR (Switch) while pressing the shot button.

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