The Quarry is an interactive cinematic experience filled with drama, romance, and plenty of horrors. Go along for the ride as nine camp counselors stuck at Hackett’s Quarry camp are threatened by a sadistic evil force beyond comprehension. You will be kept on the very edge of your seat as you attempt to help these characters unravel the mysteries and, more importantly, survive. Not only will you have to complete quick-time events, but in some sticky situations, you must not breathe! Can you play dead to avoid death? Here are some tips and tricks behind it!

How to not breathe in The Quarry

When you enter a Don’t Breathe event, the actions will transition to slow motion, you will hear the heartbeat effect, and a red and black filter will frame the screen. This means you must stay as quiet as possible when in potential danger. The heartbeat will grow stronger or fainter as the threat gets closer or farther away. The goal is to stay as quiet as possible until the very right moment when you can make a break for it without the threat noticing.

When to release the button

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When completing a Don’t Breathe event, you need to hold down the interaction button to hold your breath. Depending on what platform you are playing, the button will be as follows:

  • PC: M1
  • Xbox: A
  • Playstation: X

As long as you hold the button, the character will stay still and quiet while the threat approaches. Listen closely to the heartbeat, and you can gauge how close the danger is. You will want to wait till the right timing to release the button and make a breakaway. Usually, this will be when the threat is farthest away, the heartbeat is softer, and they have their back to you. However, always make sure they won’t look back at you!

What is the red meter?

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The red meters on the sides of the screen is your breath. These determine how long you can hold your breath without being caught. If the meter goes entirely down before you release the button, your character will let out their breath unintentionally. This means you will want to keep a close eye on that meter and try to make a run for it before it diminishes. If you can successfully complete the QTEs and Don’t Breathe events, you will have a much better time keeping the characters alive for the rest of the story. Good luck!

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