In FIFA 23, fans will get to do various skill moves with players that have high skill ratings. Some of these iconic tricks are easy on the eyes and allow players to slip past opponents swiftly. The Rainbow Flick is one of the most satisfying skill moves in football, and performing it successfully can be tricky. There are two versions of the Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23, simple and advanced. While the Advanced Rainbow Flick is a five-star skill move, the Simple Rainbow Flick is a four-star move and relatively easy to perform. Here’s how to do a Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23.  

How to perform Simple Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23

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The Simple Rainbow is an iconic four-star skill move that takes the ball over the defender’s head. For this one, your player flicks the ball with the back foot, and lofts it over the defender. It looks exceptional in FIFA 23 and is one of the best moves to get past a defender in a 1v1 situation, especially on the flanks. Here’s how to perform the Simple Rainbow on controllers and keyboards.

  • Xbox: Flick Right Stick Down, Up, Up
  • PlayStation: Flick RS Down, Up, Up
  • Keyboard: Tap Pad2, Pad8, Pad8

How to perform Advanced Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23

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The Advanced Rainbow Flick is rather difficult but this skill move can help you get past any defender when executed correctly. We recommend trying this skill move with players like Kylian Mbappe, Vinicius, and Neymar in the Arena to see how it works. 

  • Xbox: Flick Right Stick Down, Hold Up, Flick Up
  • PlayStation: Flick Right Stick Down, Hold Up, Flick Up
  • Keyboard: Tap Pad2, Hold Pad8, Tap Pad 8

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