Focus Abilities are special and powerful moves that are unique to each character. To use your character’s focus ability, you must both have that character as your primary and have a full focus gauge. In Dodgeball Academiathese are called Balltimate Moves that can be used by pressing the LT button or the Q/I key.

There are several ways to charge your focus gauge. The first and easiest is the passive charge as the match goes on. This amount is small and should be bolstered in other ways if you want to use multiple focus abilities throughout the match.

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Another way to gain focus is to manually charge your focus gauge like a character off of Dragon BallZ. You can do this by pressing the Y/Triangle button or C/L key. You can’t just charge focus all willy nilly though. There must be at least one ball on the opposing side, otherwise, your charge will have no effect. Your opponents can charge their focus gauge in this manner too, so you cannot just hold all the balls on your side of the court.

The final way to charge your focus gauge is to successfully counter your opponents’ throws. This will require you to become skilled at timing their throws and when to counter. It should also be noted that you can counter some focus abilities but not others.

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