In FIFA 23, fans will need to know some of the basic footballing skills like passing, dribbling, shooting, tackling, intercepting, and crossing. These movement mechanics allow your team to efficiently move the ball around the pitch. While transitioning from defense to attack players may often use the lob pass to switch up the play. Similarly, while attacking, you may cross the ball inside the box for teammates to score a volley or headers. Crossing and lob pass is an essential mechanic; you need to get used to it quickly to counter the opponent team. Here’s how to do a cross or lob pass in FIFA 23. 

How to perform a lob pass in FIFA 23

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Lob pass is a technique where your player performs an aerial chip that sends the ball over the opponent to a teammate across the field. The arc-like motion of the Lob pass makes it elusive, and you need to hit the ball with enough power to direct it properly. However, using too much power will send the ball to the stands. To perform a regular Lob pass, press the X button on Xbox controllers, or the Square button for PlayStation devices.

Some of the variations for the Lofted pass are as follows:

  • Lofted Ground Pass – A+A (Xbox) and X+X (PlayStation)
  • High Lob – LB+X (Xbox) and LT+Square (PlayStation)
  • Lobbed Through Pass – Y+Y (Xbox) and Triangle+Triangle (PlayStation)
  • Driven Lobbed Through Pass – LB+RB+Y (Xbox) and L1+R1+Triangle (PlayStation)
  • Driven Lob – RB+X (Xbox) and R1+Square (PlayStation)

Pressing down on these buttons for a longer duration determines the power behind a pass. The basic Lob pass only requires one button, and you also need to add the directional input to aim the ball. There are a few other techniques that players need to learn after mastering the basic Lob pass. The Lobbed through pass, Driven Lobbed through pass, Driven Cross, High Lob are some of the other moves you can perform in combination with the Lob pass. Timing these passes can make a massive difference in the game, as your opponents can always intercept the ball.

How to perform a Cross in FIFA 23

Crossing is similar to Lob passes in terms of moving the ball with an aerial pass. Crossing becomes an essential technique when you’re attacking in the opponent’s third. While moving through the flanks, your Wingers can send a lofted ball inside the box for the Strikers and Center Forwards to head in. Similarly, crosses don’t necessarily need to be aerial. Players can perform grounded and driven crosses that cut through the defense swiftly. To perform a Cross, players need to press the X button on Xbox controllers, or the Square button for PlayStation devices. You also need to add directional controls to the pass to send the ball to your teammate.

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