The most important aspect of dodge ball is to hit your opponent with the ball. In Dodgeball Academia there are a couple of different ways to do this, including the charged shot.

The charged shot is a more powerful version of the standard throw. To do a charged shot you have to hold the X/Square button or the X/K key. Simply pressing the button will only cause your character to do a standard throw.

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Charged shots are more powerful and will do more damage than a standard throw. In addition, they are much faster. What makes charged shots worth using is that they can carry an elemental effect as well. For example, Otto’s charged shots can set opponents on fire while Mina’s charged shot emits electrical energy. Some characters like Balloony have no elemental effects but can hit multiple times.

Using charged shots at the right moments is important so you can’t just spam them. While using a charged shot, your character will be stuck in place. This leaves them open to catching a ball with their face and possibly being stunned. For that reason, it is a good idea to use charged shots when you know you are safe.

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