Jupiter Hell has inventory management. You can only hold 12 items at once. This includes ammo, mods, health, and equipment, so making sure your inventory isn’t cluttered is good practice. Sometimes, you invested mods heavily into one weapon due to your build but eventually found a better one. How do you get your mods back?

You can dismantle your weapon, which in turn gets all of your mods back, but will destroy the item. To do this, you have to find a CoreTek Technical Station in one of the rooms on your run. Upon finding a station, just walking up to it will trigger a menu to appear. On it will be a list of things you can do, one of which is to Dismantle Item.

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Click on the Dismantle Item, and select the modded gun/armor you want to be dismantled. This will obliterate the item, but you’ll reclaim all mods that were equipped on it. To be then used on another weapon/armor of your choosing.

Take note of the number of Charges the CoreTek station has, as those charges indicate what you can do. By default, the CoreTek station has three charges, and to Dismantle Item costs two charges—if the station only had one charge left, you could not use the Dismantle Item option.

Without finding this station, you have to make do with your decisions. Keep a close eye on your minimap in the top left-hand corner for green pixels on your map. Green pixels indicate there’s something you can interact with, and hopefully, one is a CoreTek Technical Machine.

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