All equipment in Praey for the Gods has durability, meaning it will eventually break upon use. But instead of using it once more to break it, you may as well dismantle it and gain back some crafting materials.

To dismantle a piece of equipment, you need to press the equipment in question in your inventory, then move over to the third icon of the four that appears—the picture of something breaking, and a new window will appear beneath.

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This window shows that the equipment will be destroyed entirely and what crafting materials you will get for doing so. For example, the Wood Club will earn you one piece of rope. The quality of the equipment does not matter, so you get the same materials if the club is damaged or not. The better the equipment, the more materials you will get.

You can do this with any piece of equipment you use, weapons, bows, and grappling hooks. You cannot dismantle clothing. You can repair your equipment instead of dismantling it, but it does take crafting resources to do so.

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