To survive in The Riftbreaker, players will need to use their wits and strategize to defeat the challenges of Galatea 37. This includes managing resources, base-building, and exploring the biomes of the planet. As they progress, players will construct and craft weapons, equipment, and buildings. Eventually, some of these will become obsolete and only take up inventory space.

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That is where disassembly comes into play. If players no longer need weapons or equipment, they can disassemble it to earn back some resources. This is done in the inventory menu. Simply find the item you want to disassemble and select the option at the bottom of that menu.

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This opens a popup that details what resources the player will earn back. This will depend on what is being disassembled. Using this feature clears up inventory space and can give the player much-needed resources at times of need.

You can also sell buildings to get a return of resources. You can do this in the build mode by selecting the last option. Players will see a $. This brings up the sell mode, where players can click on the building they wish to sell. Alternatively, they can press the F key as it is a shortcut to the sell mode.

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