The world of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is wrought with danger and all matter of things that can unlive you. Traps are one of these things, and you’ll want to disarm them whenever you come across them.

However, to disarm traps is not easy, and if you are not careful, you might end up setting the darn things off, and the results are not pleasant, to put it lightly.

So to disarm traps the right way, you’ll need to have a character with high perception to spot the things. Having high perception will also help characters spot any and all hidden items such as lootable containers and the like.

But someone to spot traps is not the only person you need. You’ll also need someone with decent trickery. Trickery is a rouge’s skill, and one of the things it can help players do is disarm traps, pick locking, and so on.

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Grab the character with the most trickery and search around the trap once it is spotted, be careful not to step on the red area usually marked after you spot one.

Stepping in the red area will set the trap off and cause you to take damage and some cases, even die. That said, you will want to search for a red line leading away or around the trap. This line will usually lead you to an interactable object that can be used to disarm the trap.

Just hold your cursor over the object the red line leads up to, and it should say disarm. Click it, and your character will begin to attempt to disarm the trap depending on how high their trickery and dexterity they will be successful.

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