As part of the main story in Tower of Fantasy, you are tasked to go to HT201 Shelter to speak to Bai Ling. Yet when you get there, you’ll undoubtedly notice a Supply Pod II trapped behind an Energy screen. So how do you disable the Energy Screen at HT201 Shelter in Tower of Fantasy?

How to get the password for the Energy Screen at HT201 Shelter in Tower of Fantasy

To disable the Energy Screen, you need to find the four-pin password to the Electronic Lock that will disable the Energy Screen. To find the password, you need to locate four Barrier Password Memories scattered around the HT201 area. If you want to find them legit, follow this guide on how to get the Omnium Beast Left Arm.

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If you want to know the password and move on, all you need to do is input 1647 into the Electronic Lock on the right side of the Energy Screen. This will disperse the screen, and you get to loot the Supply Pod II inside to acquire the Omnium Beast Left Arm.

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