Teardown is a game that challenges you to resolve heists in really creative and destructive ways. Some of these heists ask you to destroy buildings, steal data from computers, and break into areas. There are also some challenges that can trigger an alarm that calls on any nearby security to the scene.

So, how exactly do you disable these alarms after they go off? The simple answer is that you can’t.

The missions that include any kind of alarm are meant to time you. You can spend as much time as you’d like planning the heist and how you’d like to go about it, but the moment an alarm goes off, you have 60 seconds to complete the mission and leave in the getaway vehicle.

Vehicles such as cars and boats also have alarms that go off whenever the red alarm wire is disconnected. While these alarms also cannot be disabled, they can be severed from the vehicle using a blowtorch before it goes off. Successfully severing it will result in the alarm detaching so that you can drive the vehicle.

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