No one likes ads. So when Capcom decided to add Sponsored Content to Street Fighter V, there was some pushback from the community. Capcom has fortunately included the option to disable ads, but this menu is not in the most sensible location.

To disable Sponsored Content in Street Fighter V:

  1. Open the Network Match Fight Request Settings.
    • The prompt for this is at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select Battle Settings.
  3. Select Sponsored Content Settings.
    • There are two choices that can be disabled, Sponsor Display and Loading & Stage Ads.

Ads feature in three areas of Street Fighter V: Costumes, Loading Screens, and Stages. Characters can opt to wear an ad-style costume where Sponsored Content appears on the clothing/model. Loading Screens display ads while the game is loading and don’t impact load times. For Stages, a portion of the stage will be relegated to the Sponsored Content.

The incentive to turn ads on is that players will earn bonus Fight Money to spend on things like extra characters, stages, cosmetics, and more. Disabling the ads removes this functionality until it is turned back on.

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