In WWE 2K22 MyGM mode, players will have to develop Rivalrries between Superstars to decide how the show performs in front of the fans. Rivalries are important for creating an impactful storyline for the audience, and they will boost your show’s Ratings. 

How does Rivalry work in WWE 2K22 MyGM?

After selecting Superstars in the Draft to complete your show’s roster, players will have to identify which class each wrestler belongs to. In MyGM, players will need to set up a Rivalry between two Superstars to earn better audience Ratings. Rivalries are crucial for Ratings, so players will have to strategize before randomly pitting two Superstars against each other.

Some Rivalries perform exceedingly well if players schedule the shows properly. For instance, Edge, a Superstar with a talent for Promos, can create Rivalries just by Calling Out other wrestlers. Players can also recreate iconic Rivalries like Cena vs. The Rock, Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, and many more throughout their MyGM journey. 

How to increase Rivalry level

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To increase the Rivalry level between two Superstars, players can schedule Call Out Promos, Run-In Interference, Opener, and Main Event matches. Doing Call Out Promos and fighting 1v1 matches will automatically increase the Rivalry level. Similarly, if you schedule a Tag Team match, then each Superstar will develop a Rivalry against the other two. 

Players can nurture Rivalries till level four, after which the audience would find the Rivalry to be Stale. It is ideal to book Rival Superstars for Opener and Main Event matches while their Rivalry levels are under four. You can also set up a brilliant Rivalry arc that ends directly in a Pay-Per-View.

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