Teardown is a game that challenges you to resolve heists in really creative and destructive ways. Some of these heists ask you to destroy buildings, steal data from computers, and break into areas. You can use a wide variety of weapons in order to complete the heists including the most intense bomb in the game, Nitroglycerin. You can unlock this bomb once you reach Level 100 in the second chapter of the game.

You can differentiate Nitroglycerin from a regular bomb because of its orange glow. It also cannot be detonated immediately after you place it down. In order to detonate Nitroglycerin, you need to damage it using a weapon or by some other means. You could shoot it with a gun or even crash into it with a car.

When it does detonate, the damage left behind can leave a hole large enough to drive a vehicle through it. It is also important to note that the explosion also has the chance to do a very high level of damage to the player so it would be safe to stay a good distance away.

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