Throughout the multiplayer zombie survival game Back 4 Blood, players must fight through Ridden to reach their objective. However, there are other roadblocks besides just zombies to move past. One of the challenges players will run into is Nest Nodes.

Nest Nodes are large areas of fleshy masses that need to be destroyed to move forward. These Nest Nodes can be seen distinctly by their glowing red tendrils and spheres. To destroy the Nest Node, players must follow the tendrils to the glowing red spheres and shoot them. However, once one is destroyed, a horde of Ridden will charge that location.

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Most Nest Nodes have three red spheres to destroy to open up the path forward. While destroying the spheres is not too challenging, it is important to stay together because the hordes can overwhelm players very quickly.

Screenshot via Turtle Rock Studios

The Nest Nodes can be a little difficult to navigate, but as long as players follow the red tendrils, they will run into the large mass with a red sphere in it to destroy. Players may have to deal with some Special Ridden while searching the Nest Nodes, so be on the lookout for them and listen for any indicating sounds. After destroying the Nest Node, players can proceed down the path that the Nest previously covered.

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