There are many places and items to discover in Horizon Forbidden West, but not all of them will be available to you at first glance. Many sections need specific items to be acquired so that you can continue on Aloy’s adventure. Make sure you scoop up everything. Here is what you’ll need for the Metal Flowers.

You will have to make your way through the game until you reach the Seeds of the Past quest. Whilst undertaking this mission, you will get a Vine Cutter, which will be extremely handy against the Metal Flowers you wish to destroy.

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Once you have obtained the Vine Cutter, simply approach any Metal Flowers you see and hit them using your melee attack until they open up. Then, press R1 to use the Vine Cutter on the inner part of the flower.

You should notice that the flower turns blue, signifying that you can connect Aloy’s spear to it. Much like with the Igniter and the Diving Mask, you likely will have encountered areas with Metal Flowers before getting the Vine Cutter, so there will be a little backtracking to do to get them all open.

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