As Doctor Slone’s uprise against the aliens in Fortnite continues, some epic weekly quests are out to help her cause. One of them requires the players to make their way to the Abductors on the map and break equipment on them.

For completing this epic quest, players need to be aware of the point of interests (POI) on the map, which will have the Abductor ships on them. To know that, open the map and look for the UFO symbols on POIs. Typically, there are three Abductor space ships on the map at any given match. You can choose the ship farthest from the other players to increase your chances of completing this quest on the first go.

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While landing on the huge Abductor ships, make sure to land on the outskirts of the space ship. Otherwise, players will be pulled back into the sky or pushed down due to the air current. On every section of the Abductor ship, players will notice strange equipment. Feel free to break them and to destroy three of them at least, to complete your challenge. After the successful completion, players receive a huge 30,000 XP for helping out the noble cause.

After completing the quest, players can go down and wait for the Abduction process to begin. With the Mothership mini-game, they should leave the ship with high-tier loot to win the match in Fortnite.

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