One of the first challenges you’ll find in the newly released game Axiom Verge 2 is the inability to enter specific areas. Sometimes you’ll notice that these areas are blocked off by a cracked wall, and anyone that has ever played a Zelda game knows that cracked walls are almost always hiding something good. Like the Zelda games, there is a way to break down these cracked walls in Axiom Verge 2!

There is a special item and ability you need to obtain to destroy these pillars of cracked stone. The object is located deep in the water area, at coordinates 23, 20. The image below shows you where you’ll find the object, called Gud An-Na, and what it looks like when you get there.

Location of Gud An-Na in Axiom Verge

There are quite a few enemies that will interfere with you on your way there, but it’s possible to get there without fighting them, if you choose. Once you’re there, simply break the urn and you’ll receive the special ability that lets you create a shockwave for 100 Energy.

To use the shockwave ability, you’ll first have to equip it. This can be done by using the button to switch items. Then, press the button to use the ability. The list below tells you which buttons to press to do both of these, depending on your system.

  • Switch Item
    • PC: R
    • Xbox: RB
    • PlayStation: R1
    • Switch: Menu R
  • Use Item
    • PC: T
    • Xbox: R3 (press on the right analog stick)
    • PlayStation: R3 (press on the right analog stick)
    • Switch: R3 (press on the right analog stick)

Use the shockwave when standing next to the cracked wall to break it. If you use it next to the cracked wall on the right in 23, 20, you might also notice that the ability can knock down some platforms that are loose. This is important information to know later, so be sure to keep a note!

If you think you’ll need help to figure out the game, be sure to check out our Axiom Verge 2 homepage for the latest information!

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