In Week 5 of the Season Quests given to us by The Scientist in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, we first need to approach Sanctuary or one of the Seven Outposts on the map. When we’re at one of these locations, The Scientist goes into a dialogue about how his previous attempt failed, and that we need to complete more tasks for him. The quest this week is to destroy and collect three telescopes in a single match.

Collecting the Telescopes

The hardest part about this is task is finding the telescopes. Their general area is marked on the map, but you must approach that area to get a better idea of where the telescopes are actually located. The map below outlines the general areas where you’ll find each telescope. For further detail on where they are, refer to the directions below the map.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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  1. Seven Outpost II: Outside the northeastern wall of the building on the west side of the complex.
  2. Seven Outpost V: Outside the northwestern wall of the building on the south side of the complex.
  3. Seven Outpost I: Inside the building in the northwestern corner of the complex.
  4. Seven Outpost VI: Outside the southeastern wall of the complex’s main building.
  5. Sanctuary: Outside the northern wall of the large building on the western edge of the complex.
  6. Seven Outpost IV: Inside the building on the northern edge of the complex.
  7. Seven Outpost III: Outside the southern wall of the building on the complex’s northern side.
  8. Launchpad: Inside the small, circular building that extends off the building on the northern side of the area.
  9. Seven Outpost VII: Outside the northern wall of the only building in the outpost.

Collecting the telescopes is a little different than most quests in the game because you also need to destroy the item first by breaking it with your pickaxe. When you approach a telescope, hit it once with your pickaxe to make it drop as an item. Then, press your primary interaction button when prompted to collect it.

As you can see from the map above, the three telescopes that are closest together and easiest to get to are all on the eastern side of the map. The best path to take is to start at Seven Outpost VII (#9) to get The Scientist to start the quest. Then, go to the Launchpad (#8). Last, travel to Sanctuary (#5) and collect get that one.

Once you have collected three of the telescopes marked above, the quest is complete!

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