If you’ve played the Bear and Breakfast demo, and plan on playing the fully released game, the developers request that you delete your demo save data before launching Bear and Breakfast. This also applies if you tested an earlier build of the game. Here’s how to delete your save data for Bear and Breakfast.

How to delete your save data if you’ve played the Bear and Breakfast Beta

To delete your save data, browse to: C:UsersUSERAppDataLocalLowGummyCatBearAndBreakfast

“User” will be replaced by your username on Windows, so it may look like this:


Once you have located this file, delete everything inside the BearAndBreakfast file. This must be done before launching the full release of Bear and Breakfast, presumably to avoid save file issues.

If you are unable to find the “AppData” folder, it may be hidden on your computer. To access this folder, enter %appdata% into the file directory near the top of the file explorer window. Once this has been entered, the file explorer will bring you to AppData/Roaming. From here, you can find the LocalLow, GummyCat, then BearAndBreakfast files.

Once you have deleted the content in the BearAndBreakfast file, you can safely launch the 1.0 version of Bear and Breakfast. If you fail to delete this content and continue launching the fully released game, you may encounter save file issues that might result in lost progress and general frustration. If you have not played the demo or an earlier version of Bear and Breakfast, you may simply launch the game without issue.

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