For some, there comes a time when Roblox becomes a thing of the past—players decide to leave the platform for good, wishing to erase all of their account’s data and information from the site in the process. So how do you do this? Unfortunately the answer isn’t as straight forward as some may hope, but luckily we do have a brief guide to help walk you through.

Deleting Roblox accounts

Assumably done to preserve the amount of users that Roblox boasts each month, the platform has made their account deletion/deactivation process rather grueling. Unlike many other chatting/gaming websites, Roblox does not offer a simple delete account button—instead, players will need to request to have their account deleted.

To make these requests, players will need to access and fill out a Roblox Support Form. Unfortunately there is no specific option for account deletion under help type, so it’s important to use the option that you think best fits your situation—in this case, selecting Billing and Payments, Cancel Membership, and then typing a short I’d like to have my account fully deleted in the description box seems to make the most sense. As mentioned on the Account Settings support page, these forms will then be processed in accordance with applicable laws once they’re received by Roblox.

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After your form has been received and reviewed, a Roblox support representative will reach out to you via email and ask for identification to ensure that you’re the owner of the account that you’re attempting to delete. Because of these extra steps, this entire process could take multiple weeks. Once all of these steps are completed however, your account should be fully deleted and you won’t have to worry about your information existing on the Roblox platform any longer.

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