The third boss in Praey for the Gods is called The Boar. This massive creature packs quite the punch with its head and feet so keep clear of these. You will also notice that you cannot climb up its legs. Instead, you will need to get it to lower to the ground to reach the glowing bell-like switches on it.

Stand on the platforms scattered around the arena’s edge to do this. These will turn on a light and get The Boar’s attention. Then, it will go to the far side of the arena and charge you. You need to wait until it gets close enough to dodge; otherwise, it will turn off to the side.

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If you time it correctly, you will avoid taking damage, and it will slam into the wall, dropping to its side and becoming dazed. Alternatively, you can climb up one of the pillars in the room and jump off. Then use the glider to land on The Boar’s back. After striking two bells, it will charge you without the need for light.

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The first bell-like switch can be found on The Boar’s left haunch towards the rear. Climb up to it and when you get close enough, use the attack button to pull the bell up. When a third of the circle has lit up, press the attack button again to drive it home. Repeat this two more times to seal this spot up. The Boar will try to shake you off between strikes.

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You can find the second on the creature’s shoulder. You will have to release its fur and carefully walk over the spine on its back. Repeat the process from the first bell, holding on when it tries to shake you off. If you need to restore stamina, return to its back and stand.

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We recommend going for the one on its stomach for the next bell. This one is a bit more tedious as The Boar will shake the entire time you are holding on, leaving you unable to pull the bell. So instead, when the creature is dazed after hitting the wall, quickly jump up and strike the bell. You should be able to seal it with one to two attempts.

The final bell is on the creature’s head. A hard shell protects it. You can either shoot it with explosive arrows or let it ram into the wall repeatedly until it shatters. Once the shell is gone, climb up the beast’s shoulder until you reach the head. Strike the bell three times to seal it and defeat The Boar.

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