The Spirit Caller Snail is the end mini-boss for the Road’s end Catacombs. The Road’s End Catacombs is an optional dungeon found in Lurnia West, near the Converted Tower. This boss fight can be a tricky encounter, so here is how you defeat the Snail!

General Tips

  • Use Spirit Summons to distract the Summoned Knight.
  • Ignore the Summoned Knight.
  • The Snail is invisible, attack the light.

Spirit Caller Snail Mechanics

The Spirit Caller Snail itself will not attack you, the Snail is invisible and can be located by finding the light patch that doesn’t have a light source. The snail will typically start in the back right of the boss room, then teleport around the room after being hit.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

The main threat in this fight is the summoned knight. This knight will perform various slow attack combos that will deal large amounts of damage. The best strategy for this fight is to summon your own spirits, have them distract the knight, while you chase the snail around the room. If your spirit summon is destroyed, continue to ignore the knight. Once the snail is destroyed the fight will end.

Spirit Caller Snail Rewards

The Spirit Caller Snail will net you about 3000 runes and the Glinstone Sorcerer Ashes Spirit Summons. This is a ranged spirit summon that can be very strong if upgraded.

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