Horizon Forbidden West offers a slew of new mechanical creatures for Aloy to defeat on her trek through what was once North America. Some of the creatures Aloy encounters will look familiar, while others are entirely new adversaries like the Slitherfang. This giant snake-like machine uses venom and powerful lunging attacks when fighting Aloy and serves as the first substantial challenge for the young adventurer.

Target the Metalbite Sac

When fighting the Slitherfang, the first thing you want to do is disable its ability to hurl acid at Aloy. Target the Metalbite Sac on its upper chest to deal increased damage. Once you’ve dealt enough damage to the Metalbite Sac, it will explode, preventing the Slitherfang from shooting poisonous goop at Aloy.

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Aim for the purple canisters

After you’ve destroyed the Metalbite Sac, target the purple canisters on the side of its head, as these are the next available weak point. They’re a bit hard to hit, so don’t forget to use R3 to slow time if the Slitherfang starts moving too much. Once the purple canisters break, the next set of weak points will appear.

Shoot its blue canisters

Once you’ve dealt enough damage, the purple canisters will fall off, causing a series of blue canisters to activate on the Slitherfang’s lower torso. Aim for these areas and use your blast sling with Frost ammo to inflict Brittle for increased damage across the entire beast.

Watch for debris

Keep an eye out for components that fall from the Sliterfang, as some of its offensive pieces may fall. Pick these up and use them against the Slitherfang if possible, as they deal substantial damage.

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