The sixth boss in Praey for the Gods is The Crogon. This mixture of dragon and bird is the second flying boss in the game. As such, you will need to find a way to get up to it—or bring it down. There are many different options to beat The Crogon, but we found this method easiest.

In the center of the area is a short platform you cannot use yet. Go to the two pillars around it. On top of these are two bell-like switches you can pull like the ones on bosses. Do this three times on both pillars to raise the short platform. Watch out for The Crogon’s fireballs while doing this.

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With the platform raised, you will see a flame. Climb to the top of this platform and draw your bow while standing next to the flame. This lights your arrow on fire. The Crogon will dive and attack you with an explosive fireball from its mouth. Shoot the flaming arrow at the purple flame to stun The Crogon. If this ball hits you, it will deal massive damage.

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When you stun The Crogon, your screen will flash white. Wait for this to fade, and you will see The Crogon on the ground. This will let you quickly climb atop it and attack the bell-like switches on its body. These are located on both wingtips, its chest, and its tail.

For the two bells on its wings, you will need to go to the very end of each. This will use a lot of stamina, so stand up to recover stamina when The Crogon levels out. Then, continue climbing to the wingtip and strike the bell three times. Repeat this on the other wing.

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The bell on its chest can be attacked while traveling from one wing to another. Be careful with your stamina when going for this weak point, as The Crogon will try to shake you, and you will be hanging for a little longer than other areas. Strike the bell three times and move on to the tail.

The tail is the most difficult as it is not connected by fur. You can either use the grapple to pull yourself over to the tail, or you can drop off The Crogon and repeat the arrow technique to bring it to the ground. Regardless of which you use to reach the tail, strike the bell three times to defeat The Crogon.

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