In Tunic, you will explore the world and face many dangerous enemies. While these normal enemies are capable of killing you, there are boss fights that can be more challenging and deadly. One of these includes the Siege Engine.

How to beat the Siege Engine in Tunic

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The Siege Engine has many different attacks and quickly deals massive amounts of damage if you aren’t prepared. Additionally, many of its attacks hit wide areas or from a distance, so be prepared to roll and block when necessary.

The Siege Engine can fire a rapid burst of lasers as a ranged attack. You can either dodge to the side repeatedly, block it with your shield, or stand behind cover. It can also fire a massive laser that is best avoided by hiding behind cover or standing to the side of its head up close.

It can also summon the fairy enemies. We recommend taking these out quickly with the fire staff to avoid them distracting you from the boss. The fire staff also comes in handy as the Siege Engine will fire rolling bombs. These roll towards you and can be picked off with the staff.

For melee attacks, the Siege Engine has two. It will either slam down or it will swipe out with its claws. Both of these can be dodged if you have the timing down correctly. The boss will also jump away from you if you stay too close.

Tips for the Siege Engine in Tunic

We recommend staying close to the Siege Engine as much as possible. This allows you to avoid most of its ranged attacks, but you still need to dodge them when it uses them. Underneath the Siege Engine is another target that we think deals additional damage. Approach from behind or the side to get at it easier.

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