The seventh boss in Praey for the Gods is The Thrall. This massive goat king can quickly kill you and is somewhat tedious to beat. The first thing you will want to do is shoot the glowing flowers to drop the weapon pods. Use these to shoot the glowing pieces on The Thralls body. We destroyed the leg pieces, the necklace, and the center part on top of its head.

While doing this, The Thrall will throw rocks at you. These are practically impossible to dodge, so stay near one of the vine-like pillars and duck behind them when it attacks. Once you destroy those glowing pieces, run to The Thrall and climb the exposed leg. Watch out for its laser and stomp attacks.

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The first bell-like switch is located on that leg where you destroyed the pieces. Strike this bell three times and then climb up to the platform there. Use your grapple to reach the necklace. Glide to the other leg once you are on top of the necklace’s pendulum.

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You will need to strike the orb on the platform on this leg. This rotates the cuff and lets you climb up to the platform. Once you reach that, jump and glide to The Thrall’s arm. Then, quickly climb to the backside of the arm, or else The Thrall will kill you with its lasers.

You will need to get The Thrall to fire its lasers at the cuff on its arm. This will open the path and let you climb to its shoulder where the next bell is. Strike this one three times and then jump to its back to climb up to its head, or you can jump directly to the top of its back.

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Here you will find an opening. Drop down and hit the orb. Then stand on the pressure plate to open the door and jump across to The Thrall’s beard. Climb up to its head, and you will find another bell here. Strike this one three times.

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The last bell is on The Thrall’s other arm. You will need to drop down to it and use the same technique you used for the other arm. Have The Thrall destroy cuff with its lasers. This will reveal a grapple point and the final bell. Strike this one three times to defeat The Thrall.

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