When you reach the second boss, you may be surprised as it’s not what you expect. The second boss is a giant worm called The Devourer, and it stays in the icy waters, so reaching it is a bit of a problem, but there is a way to get it down to your level.

You need to light up three beacons surrounding the area to defeat this boss, then step on the master switch. To light up the beacons, you need to keep a lookout for giant switch blocks on the ground. You need to step on these pressure switches, and the beacon will emerge from the floor just in front of the switch.

The next step is waiting on the switch patiently while The Devourer starts firing its spit at you. The beacon will block the attack and also light up. Once it is lit, it means it’s activated.

The three switches are in a horseshoe surrounding the second boss. In between the first and second beacon is a massive black wall with another switch below it. This is the master switch that you need to activate after all three beacons are lit.

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Use the walls as cover when The Devourer spits at you, and make your way to each switch location. And remember, the beacon will protect you as well. But when the second boss spins in circles spitting out black mist, it will create small energy balls that will stalk you, so be careful.

Once all three beacons are lit, head back to the black wall and stand on the switch—this will make the worm flop down towards you, allowing you to go into the water and climb on it. Now the hard part begins.

You now need to climb down the hair on The Devourer, hunting for the light pillars that emanate from it. And very much like the first boss, you have to pull up and press this bell sigil three times before it is destroyed and to do this three times overall.

The first one is located just above the top of the first spikey platform as you climb down.

The second bell is located, to the left of where the pink spiky platform ends, as you follow it down. However, the third sigil is located very close to the bottom of the Devourer. Make your way down to the bottom pink spiky platform, and then begin to climb up, but make sure there is a pink spiky platform above you, and between the two is the third bell.

The boss fight is over as soon as the third strike has rung, a cutscene will instantly play.

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