There are many different bosses in Metroid Dread as well as mini-bosses that Samus will encounter. Some have intricate attack patterns and require specific strategies to defeat them. Some only need a simple strategy to win and one of those is the Robot Chozo Soldier.

Samus will encounter this mini-boss twice—in Ferenia and Ghavoran. The Robot Chozo Soldier isn’t overly complicated, but it does possess a lot of speed and will constantly pursue and harass the player so inexperienced players may have difficulties with this mini-boss.

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Samus can damage the Robot Chozo Soldier with charged shots or missiles. Since charged shots take a few seconds to charge and the Robot Chozo Soldier moves so quickly, players should rely on missiles to damage them. Additionally, players should take advantage of the verticality and platforms above as the Robot Chozo Soldier can move quickly on the flat ground.

The Robot Chozo Solider has four attacks. Two of them are projectiles from its arm cannon. One will fire three slow-moving shots that can be dodged by jumping or sliding underneath them. The second is a faster shot that can also be jumped or slid under.

The Robot Chozo Soldier has two different melee attacks. The first is a powerful swipe that causes it to glow red. Players can jump over the attack or use Samus’ abilities to avoid it. The second is a weaker attack that can be countered. Defeating the Robot Chozo Soldier has no reward except for player satisfaction for winning the fight.

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