In Tunic, you will explore the world and face many dangerous enemies. While these normal enemies are capable of killing you, there are boss fights that can be more challenging and deadly. One of these includes the Librarian.

How to beat the Librarian in Tunic

How to defeat the Librarian in Tunic

The Librarian will stay out of range of your attacks until it goes for a melee attack, so you will be dodging a lot until you can strike. Make sure to conserve your stamina throughout this fight as much as you can.

The Librarian uses several ranged attacks. It can throw both a vertical and horizontal energy beam at you. You can avoid these by dodging to the side. It will also launch energy orbs that home in on you, but these can also be dodged, but you may have to use two dodged depending on where you are.

Its final ranged attack is a laser beam from its sword. The Librarian will charge it up and then unleash the laser, moving either to the right or left. When this attack is charging, move away, and if you keep your distance, you can simply sidestep the beam. The Librarian can summon enemies throughout the fight, so make sure you are ready to kill these.

When the Librarian uses melee attacks, that is your chance to strike. It will dash forward quickly, which you can dodge, or it will attempt to drop on top of you with a lightning attack. Stay away from the lightning spot and wait for the Librarian to land. Attack from the back to avoid taking damage from the lightning.

Tips for the Librarian in Tunic

The Librarian isn’t too difficult to beat as long as you kill the summoned enemies, dodge the energy beams, and get your hits in when you can. If you do need to heal, you can freeze the Librarian with the Magic Dagger or stun it with the Magic Orb.

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