The fourth boss in Praey for the Gods is The Dreki. This creature appears as a flying serpent and is the first flying boss encountered. This changes things as you will need to find a way up to it if you want to strike the four bell switches on it and defeat it. Here is how to beat The Dreki in Praey for the Gods.

First, you will need to get up to The Dreki. In the center of The Dreki’s area is a large column that you cannot climb. Instead, you need to rotate the rings to expose a climbable surface. You need to strike the orbs on the pillars surrounding this column to do this.

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Two are already exposed. Either fire an arrow at them or hit them with a melee weapon. The other two are covered in ice. Stand near the ice to get The Dreki to shoot fireballs at you. Dodge away from them, and they will destroy the ice, exposing the orbs. Strike these as well.

This will open the column and expose a wind grate. Use this and your glider to fly up to The Dreki. You will need to time it right to make sure you land on it. We recommend landing on the tail. Once on top of the Dreki, you can begin working your way across and striking the four bells. Once you have struck two bells, the Dreki will become enraged.

While on The Dreki, it will twist and turn, trying to throw you off. If you need to recover stamina, wait until it levels out and walk on its back. You can also use grapple points to hang out and recover stamina.

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The first bell-like switch is located near The Dreki’s tail. You will need to pull the bell out three times, letting a third of the circle fill up, and strike it. Doing this will seal the first weak point, and you can move on to the next.

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The second will be found further up its body. You have to strike an orb to spin one of the collars. Doing this will reveal the second switch and let you progress further up. Strike the bell three times like the first one.

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The third is similar to the second. You will find another collar with another orb. Strike it to reveal the bell and open the path. Seal this one away too.

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The last one is located close to the head. There is nothing fancy here. Just strike the bell three times, and you will have defeated The Dreki.

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