When you start Praey for the Gods, you are up against the first boss extremely quickly, only just after learning a few of the game’s core mechanics. For the first boss of the game, it looks significantly imposing.

To defeat The Satyr, you need to climb up the fur on its left leg (your right) and make your way to its torso. From there, go through the torso around the back and climb up the fur on the back. Alternatively, you can aim for the grapple target on its waist.

A flash of light will occur as you are halfway up the back. Keep an eye out for these pillars of lights, as these are where you need to go to on the beast. Head to the first pillar of light and attack/activate the bell-like switch (like the two switches beforehand on your way to this area) to damage the boss.

Pull out the bell and watch as the symbols light up on the base of the bell. When a third of it has lit up, press attack again to slam the bell down, you must do this three times. If done correctly, a bell toll will sound out each time.

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After each strike, the boss will attempt you shake you off. You need to stay grabbed onto the boss so you don’t get thrown off and have to do the climb again. Once this bell has been rung three times, you need to make your way to the left shoulder of the boss and do the same, to the bell located there.

The Satyr will also continue to shake randomly to knock you off, so always be ready to keep pressing B or right click to stay on until the shaking is over.

First, regain some stamina by standing up for a few seconds on the base of the neck before heading to the bell. If you don’t, you will run out of stamina and fall off before you have rung the bell thrice.

Once the shoulder is gone, go back to the base of the neck, stand to regain stamina, and head towards the top of the head where the third switch is. The boss fight is over as soon as the third strike has rung, and a cutscene will instantly play.

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