The fifth boss in Praey for the Gods is The Yeti. This monstrous creature has mighty strength and can easily crush stone. Like The Boar, you cannot reach the creature’s fur without bringing it down. There are multiple ways to do this. We found it most effective to bait The Yeti and then shoot it in the eye.

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Be careful when climbing its arms, chest, or back. The Yeti will grab you off of its body or swat you, killing you instantly. When The Yeti begins reaching for you, get off of it immediately. If you are slamming a bell switch, this will stop The Yeti from reaching for you too.

There are three bell switches to attack on The Yeti. These are located on its arms and top of its head. You can go for them in any order, but we recommend starting with the bell switches on the arms.

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The arms work similarly. Climb up to the bell switch and attack it three times. The Yeti will try to shake you off or try and grab you. When it reaches for you, jump off and grapple to the grapple point on the spikes sticking out of its back. You can then climb up and go for the head or return to the arm and finish it off.

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For The Yeti’s bell switch on its head, the easiest way to get up here is to grapple from the arms. After that, you can climb up the spike and get on its back/head. Use the two patches of fur there to make your way to the top of its head. Once there, strike the bell three times to defeat The Yeti.

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